Warehouse Mouse is the Imagination Movers' pet mouse in the Warehouse. He is small, gray, and has scraggly orange hair. He has a sister as well as a nephew named Gouda. He resides at a mouse hole in the wall of the Warehouse. He was seen painting, disco dancing, and building a cheese ball pyramid inside his hole. From his size, he is often the one sent through small spaces that the Movers cannot pass through (like through the air ducts in Slip Slidin' Away). Although he is a mouse, he can be one of the biggest helps for the Movers when they have problems. Though it is rare, he sometimes sings in some of the Movers' songs (Bad Hair), the most common being their brainstorming song in every episode. He loves snacking on cheese (him being a mouse), and tends to eat big blocks rather quickly. He also eats other foods, like strawberries and grapes.

Warehouse Mouse
Warehouse Mouse is between Rich Collins and Smitty Smith.

Full Name

Warehouse Mouse





Resides in

Mouse Hole, Warehouse


Singer (rarely, in some occasions)

First Appearance

No Noise Is Good Noise

Voiced by

Kevin Carlson


Friends with Dave Poche, Scott Durbin, Rich Collins, Smitty Smith, and Nina


Woodland Creature (Knit Knots), Little Buddy (Smitty Smith)



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