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Knit Knots is at the far left.


Knit Knots is a recurring character on the show Imagination Movers. One major thing that sets him apart from all others is that he is obsessed with being boring, and looks down on the Imagination Movers for them being the exact opposite: exciting. He always wears his beige suit with a beige bowtie, and also owns a rock that he dubs "Rocky", with a toupee, glasses, googly eyes, and a mustache, as a resemblance of Knit Knots himself. Nina is his niece. Uncle Knit Knots has appeared in few episodes, including "Finders Key-pers", the only episode to involve Knit Knots having a problem. He has made a crayon pack with only beige crayons, and a music album with one boring song after another. Knit Knots was featured as a character only in season 1 and is portrayed by Douglas Fisher.

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